SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  Evidence from a murder scene has failed to bring about an arrest from a seven-year-old murder.

In 2014, Kevin Meik was found dead at his home.  At the time, Sandy police gathered items and had them analyzed for possible DNA.  

Monday, a Sandy police detective acknowledged they’ve received some materials back from the state crime lab.  But it hasn’t led to an immediate arrest. The detective would not comment as to whether the evidence was a dead end or if it could still lead to a future arrest.

Meanwhile, Meik’s family watched another year go by without answers.

“My grandpa deserves justice he served our streets and gave other people justice and he deserves just as much,” said his grand-daughter Cecelia Sargent.

It was January 29, 2014, when Meik’s body was discovered by a friend. No one had heard from Meik and John Irwin arrived at the home. Police also joined him on a welfare check. The front door was locked but Irwin was allowed to enter through a back entrance.

“I went inside and I walked all the way over to where that gate was to go downstairs,” recalled John Irwin. “And I leaned over and you can see his feet in the bedroom downstairs.”

Waiting outside the home was Meik’s son, Karl.

He learned of the death and later went inside after the body was removed and police turned the home back to Meik’s family.

“(I was) uneasy, weird,” Meik said. “It’s hard to describe how it felt.”

But what he did know was his father, a longtime police officer who retired was dead. He’d been shot in the head according to Karl’s wife.

“It looks like an assassination is what we’ve been told,” said Venus Meik.

But who’s responsible for the shooting was puzzling. At first, the police considered it a suicide. Then Karl was considered a suspect.

(I was) pissed that they, I don’t know,” Meik stopped his comment.

But his wife shed light as to why Karl was looked at by police.

“To be honest with you, we were addicted to methamphetamines for some time,” she said.

She said police considered their background and investigated to see if it had any connection with Kevin Meik’s murder. But Karl Meik offered enough alibis to convince police he didn’t have anything to do with the crime. He was cleared.

Meik was with Salt Lake City police for 14-years but retired years before his murder.

“There is nothing that leads us to believe that this had anything to do with his prior employment,” said Sgt. Jon Arnold back in 2014.

Seven years later, his family still reminds the media the case hasn’t been solved and hope someone will provide new information.

Seeking justice for her grandfather has been a quest for Cecelia Sargent.

“My grandparents gave me and my brother a life we wouldn’t ever have had if it wasn’t for him,” said Sargent. “And I could never thank him for that.”

To this day, the anniversary of his father’s death still angers Karl Meik.

“(I am)frustrated (and its) unnerving,” the son said. “My mom died a year later and she never got an answer.”

His wife said it has affected her as well.

“There’s no closure,” said Venus Meik. “It’s really hard to see my husband go through this every year.”

Sandy police still consider this case open and active. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police.