The Justice Files: Murder in rural Utah

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CASTLE DALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – It appears Brandon Samples only regret was that he broke his bat.

Samples is facing murder charges in Emery County for the April death of William Randy Jones.

Jones died from blunt force trauma to the head and a witness to the crime claimed Samples used a baseball bat repeatedly to hit Jones.

During a recent preliminary hearing in Emery County Anna Brewer testified as a state witness. Brewer claimed she was with Samples on the night Jones was murdered.

She claimed they picked up Jones to go rock hunting. But she testified that Samples was angry over a counterfeit $100 bill that Jones allegedly gave him for a drug buy.

Brewer said she was looking for rocks and holding a flashlight when she heard something between the two men. Here are portions of Brewer’s court testimony:

Anna Brewer: “When I was walking out towards Randy all I heard was ‘no Brandon, why?'”
Prosecutor: “Did you hear anything else?”
Brewer: “I heard the bat hit Randy.”

Prosecutor: “How many times did you hear the bat hit Randy?”
Brewer: “2 or 3 times.”
Prosecutor: “What did Randy say? You heard Randy?”
Brewer: “He just kept asking Brandon ‘why?’ He said ‘you know why.'”

Brewer claimed Samples gave her the bat and ordered her to hit Jones as well. She did so, hitting him in the arm and leg.

Brewer: “Then he said I think he’s dead.”

But she testified that Samples noticed Jones was still alive and was crawling away. She claimed Samples hit him with the bat again.

Brewer: “He kept asking Brandon, ‘why are you doing this? And Brandon said ‘you know why I am doing this.'”

And while Jones was begging for his life, Brewer says Samples kept hitting him with the bat.

On the ride home, Brewer said there was no talk about Jones but remembered something Samples told her.

Brewer: “(He told me) I can’t believe I broke one of the bats.”

Friends of Jones alerted police to his disappearance and connected him to Samples.

A judge found enough evidence for Samples to face a trial. He will be arraigned next month.


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