SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It was supposed to be a quiet night with a close friend.

But for a Salt Lake City woman it turned into a harrowing experience. Or so she claimed.

“We were sort of talking,” said C.M. whose name will not be made public. “I remember at some point we went to 7-11 to get beer for himself. I walked with him.”

It was last March when the woman visited her friend on Concord Street in Salt Lake City. Her friend was married to Adam Atwood. After Atwood’s wife and children went to bed, the two of them walked to the convenience store and returned.

She said she was about to leave when Atwood stopped her.

“He put his arm around my neck and forced me back inside,” she said. “It was tight, on the back of my neck.”

Her statements were made during a recent preliminary hearing where Atwood is facing multiple charges including rape and sodomy.

She testified that once inside Atwood sexually attacks her despite her resistance. She claimed she was raped while his wife and children were asleep.

But during the cross examination of her testimony, Atwood’s attorney Julie George attacked her credibility.

George: “We’re you screaming or calling out or yelling for anything as you were being dragged passed those open doors?”

C.M.: “No.”

George: “Do you recall telling detective Case that Mr. Atwood asked ‘are you okay with this?'”

C.M.: “I do recall, yes. And I told him ‘no’ because I’m gay.”

In court documents, the alleged victim told Salt Lake City police that Atwood told her, he will “fix the gay” in her. But there’s uncertainty where in the house that statement was made.

According to the defense, she appeared to make similar allegations while living in Texas. George cited a case in Limestone Texas where two men claimed she made false allegations against them.

“I don’t remember,” C.M. answered.

George also asked her if there was a warrant for her arrest and whether she was on probation.  Again, C.M. claimed she didn’t recall.

George: “And you’re testimony here today is that you’ve never filed rape allegations against anyone in another state?

C.M.: “Not that I’m aware of.  No ma’am.”

George: “And your testimony today is that you’ve never made a statement to law enforcement that you were sexually attacked by men who said they were going to either rape the gay out of you or made a reference to your sexual orientation. 

C.M. “Not that I’m aware of.  No ma’am.”

Last March when charges were filed against Atwood, the allegations of a gay woman being raped grabbed headlines on social media, locally and nationally.

On the stand, she admitted to contacting the media but couldn’t remember asking the media for coverage of her court case. George also asked why she set up a GoFundMe account.  C.M. said medical costs were taking every dollar. 

George also asked why she was evicted by her two gay roommates. She said it was a mutual agreement. But George said one of the men claimed C.M. was a “pathological liar” and was heavy into drugs. George also asked why she told officers that the roommate set her up to be raped.   

“I thought he did that,” she answered.

But George pointed out there were never any calls or texts between them during that time period.

She is now being asked to retain a lawyer as part of this case.

Kent Morgan, a former prosecutor and now a defense attorney said this case boils down to credibility.

“From my perspective, it appears we have a witness who has a history of a lack of credibility,” Morgan said. “In any kind of case of ‘he said, she said’ then you’re looking at the credibility of the witness which is the most important part of the case.”

But in the end, some of the charges against Atwood were dismissed. 

But Judge Kristine Johnson said there’s enough evidence for Atwood to still stand trial on many of the charges including kidnapping and rape.

She said a jury should decide who is telling the truth.

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