SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – He was angry that his then-girlfriend was pregnant.

And Juan Echeveste-Alba said she wouldn’t tell him who the father was.

It was July 2016, and he kidnapped his girlfriend from her home and drove to Parleys Canyon before finding a turnoff.

There he tried hanging her before firefighters saw the noose around her neck and intervened.

Echeveste-Alba was sent to prison and after four years is now eligible for parole.

During a recent parole hearing, he was asked about that moment in 2016.

Hearing Officer: “On the day you assaulted the victim did you just kind of lose it completely?”
Echeveste-Alba: “I did.”
Hearing Officer: “Because you thought she was pregnant with somebody else’s child, was that what was going on?”
Echeveste-Alba: “Yes sir.”

While in prison, Echeveste-Alba said he was able to reflect on his life. He started drinking alcohol when he turned twelve.

He started with marijuana the following year and harder drugs throughout his teen years.

Hearing officer: “Where you high on drugs (that day)?”
Echeveste-Alba: “Yes, meth.”

But he wants to set the record straight about that day.

Echeveste-Alba: “I want to say that I lied. I lied. She didn’t hit herself I hit her.”
Hearing Officer: “Did she ever hit you?”
Echeveste-Alba: “No.”

At his sentencing, he had claimed his girlfriend hurt herself.

But four years later he said prison changed him. He went through a drug treatment program, took anger management classes and stayed busy while in prison avoiding gangs and trouble.

Echeveste-Alba: “I am not going to say that because I was under the influence is an excuse. I made the choice to use drugs that day and I also made the choice to hurt the victim which is unacceptable.”

The victim did not attend the parole hearing. The board of pardons was satisfied with his progress in prison and granted him to be paroled in June 2021.