SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It was news that Diane Brooks had been waiting to hear.

Her cousin, Crystal Turner was murdered in August. Her partner Kylen Schulte was also found dead at their campsite in August. Their killer has yet to be found.

For nearly a half-year, both families of victims have been waiting to learn anything about the investigation. Last fall, a search warrant by the Grand County Sheriff’s Department provided a glimpse of how they were killed, they learned of a “creeper” man stalking them and seeking cell tower information. But since then there has been little information about the investigation.

About the same time, deputies executed another search warrant regarding a 27-year-old man. That warrant remained sealed until recently. For the first time, there’s mention of a possible suspect. His name will not be released by ABC4 because he has not been arrested or charged.

But the unsealed warrant is raising red flags with those affected by the murders.

“It was exciting that we’ve been told something,” said Brooks.

This search warrant took place right after their deaths and began with a traffic stop by a sheriff’s deputy.

The warrant identified a white male who is 27-years old.

Authorities later learned he “routinely sleeps in his car and often “camps along the La Sal Loop Road. The two women were also camping in the same area.

Women who were later interviewed by authorities who knew this man told police he “makes unwanted advances towards women” and made them feel “uneasy.”

And the warrant claimed the man had no alibi for the time the women disappeared and were found dead.

He has not been arrested but Brooks said she’s just glad they have continued to work the case. She recently received a text from the lead detective who gave her some insight as to what they were doing.

“They’re waiting on forensics which I don’t know what that actually entails, when they say forensics,” Brooks said. “I’m hopeful it’s DNA. I’m really hopeful.”

It’s unclear if the evidence being processed was related to this 27-year-old man.

Meanwhile, a private investigator for the father of Schulte said he was surprised by this latest development.

“He was aware of an early stop of somebody right after the murder,” Jason Jensen said. “But he didn’t know of the details so all of this information coming forward is quite alarming.”

Jensen said the warrant raised more questions than answers. For example, there were guns found on the 27-year old. A different cellphone was found at the murder scene. Who did that belong to?
For Jensen, the fact there’s been no arrest meant three things.

“Either the search cleared him entirely,” Jensen said. “Or there was a lack of evidence at the time. But it may also mean that he’s their one and only suspect from day one.”

A trial lawyer following the murders of Schulte and Turner said there are reasons why there’s been no arrest.

“My belief is that police may not have enough to move on this person,” said Clayton Simms. “They wouldn’t have enough for a conviction.”

Simms said there’s no statute of limitation for murder and releasing the warrant may serve another purpose. He said police may be seeking the public’s help.

“(Police may want to know) if you see someone who fits this description talking to the victims … at a restaurant, at a bar at a laundry mat, anything where a local person may be,” Simms said. “It might be information that might be important.”

For now, Turner’s cousin said she’s grateful to know police aren’t letting this case disappear and understands it may take more months, perhaps another year.

“I wouldn’t want him arrested until they have enough evidence to put the person away if they were guilty of it,” said said.

Jensen said the man has since moved out of Moab and back to his home state. A check on his criminal history revealed minor traffic tickets.

Jensen noted the man never posted anything on social media for over a year. But recently Jensen produced a picture he posted of getting baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Calls to the Grand County Sheriff’s Department were not returned.