SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – A suspect was named in the murders of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

The couple was found murdered last August at their campsite near the La Sal Mountain south of Moab.

Adam Pinkusiewicz had always been on the Grand County Sheriff’s list of persons of interest. But he is now being called the suspect in the murders of the two women.

“I’m elated, I’m floored, so thrilled,” said Sean Paul Schulte. “It’s my mom’s birthday.”

It was the news Schulte had been waiting to hear. Kylen is his daughter.

On Wednesday, the news of an identified suspect appeared on the Grand County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

According to authorities, “He left the state” after the murders and later “committed suicide.” Pinkusiewicz allegedly told a friend he “killed two women in Utah.”

“It was the guy who worked with the girls at McDonald’s,” said Schulte. “The one who never came back for his last paycheck.”

The couple were partners. And according to Turner’s cousin, she learned that Pinkusiewicz didn’t like the fact the women were gay.

“He and Crystal had an incident one time at work,” said Diane Brooks. “Crystal came in to get something to eat and he got upset about it. He got angry about it. He apparently didn’t like Crystal.”

Schulte called the murder a “hate crime.”

Earlier this week, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his team appeared in Moab to investigate the case.

Schulte believed Dog’s appearance forced the sheriff’s hand.

“If we hadn’t brought the Dog and put the pressure, they wouldn’t have stepped and say ‘Hey we got to figure this out and tell you before Dog does.'”

Even though Pinkusiewicz will never face justice in Moab, Schulte isn’t disappointed.

“It means I don’t have to face him,” Schulte said. “He’s already been sentenced. He’s already in hell and we’re done.”

He then laughed and hugged his private investigator Jason Jensen.

The sheriff said on the Facebook page the case is not closed. They’ve found Pinkusiewicz’s vehicle and will begin processing it. They may be looking for other evidence, like blood, that will tie him to the murders.