SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – The woman wanted to be a firefighter.

And for that she paid a steep price.

ABC4 obtained recent court audio recordings from the victim who was a firefighter in the town of Kanosh. She claimed the defendant, Austin Corry raped her several times beginning in 2015. Corry was the deputy fire chief and she reported the rapes to the fire chief, who happened to be Corry’s father and according to court records, got no justice.

During a recent preliminary hearing in Millard County the woman whose name will not be revealed offered emotional testimony about what happened beginning in 2015. She said she was called to the fire station by Corry. He needed help with equipment. But it took a different turn when both were in the fire truck.

“He said this will only take a minute,” the woman testified. “He pulled my legs up so I slid. I was laying down. He pulled my sweats down. He raped me.”

She said they were alone at the fire station and she attempted to fight him off. She testified that she said no several times.

“He pulled his pants down and he pulled me into him and he laid over the top of me,” she said.

She claimed she told a friend but never went to police. But she continued working as a volunteer firefighter in Kanosh. A year later, she said Corry had her try new uniform fire pants at the station and it happened again.

“He got my pants down,” she said. “I guess at some point I just gave up. I don’t know. I think he (sobs)…. I couldn’t fight him anymore. I had double shoulder surgery. I just can’t fight anymore.”

According to a federal lawsuit, the victim reported the first attack to the fire chief, Scott Corry, the suspect’s father.

Scott Corry is also a sergeant with the Millard County Sheriff’s Office.

“He asked me if Austin raped me and I told him ‘yes,’: she said. “He told me that he was pissed and that he wanted to kick his a– and that he would take care of it.

But according to the civil lawsuit, Austin Corry was never investigated and kept his job.

She too remained working as a firefighter.

“I loved my job,” she testified.

But then she was raped a third time according to her testimony.

In court, she claimed Corry’s father refused to take action.

“His reaction was ‘what did you do?'” she said. “I was furious. His answer was just stay away from him.”

It wasn’t until last year, that the victim went to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office which led to charges against Corry. A month after the charge was filed, another victim came forward claiming she too had been raped. Corry was charged with that rape as well. He since has resigned his position as the deputy fire chief.

Meanwhile, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an internal investigation regarding Scott Corry’s handling of the case.


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