SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Only a few people knew where Debbie Frost was.
And they weren’t talking.

The 17-year old disappeared in July, 1984. She was reported as missing and Salt Lake City police alerted the public about her whereabouts. But Frost wasn’t missing.

“She hung out, her and her friends hung out with Fred (Martinez) for about a year,” said a friend of Martinez and Frost. “They’d come over the house and do drugs with us and party.”

The friend asked that his name not be used. According to the friend, the 30-year-old Sanchez was a man with an alleged history of violence and had eyes for Debbie Frost.

“I think he was grooming her the whole time because he had a crush on Debbie,” said the friend.

Frost was last seen walking home in downtown Salt Lake City. She never arrived home. Her younger brother, Frank was six-years old at the time.

“She had runaway a couple of times before,” said Frank Frost. “But she had always been in contact with her dad and her aunt.”

Years passed and her disappearance turned into a cold case. It was re-opened in 2012 when Salt Lake City received a viable tip.

Authorities told the media that Frost had “gone to Rock Springs” (Wyoming) after her disappearance.
The article said Frost has a run in with police “July 21, 1984” nearly two weeks after she’s last seen in Salt Lake City. But 1984 police records had been destroyed.

The friend knew where Frost was but didn’t report it to authorities. In 2011, the friend finally went to police and provided them the tip that caused the case to be re-opened.

“Fred was a very charismatic guy,” the friend said. “Everybody seemed to love him but he had a dark side. He was very scary. When he wasn’t loveable, he was very scary.”

The friend said Martinez lived in Salt Lake City but grew up in Rock Springs where he often stayed.

One day while in Rock Springs, the friend said Martinez and Frost got into a fight.

“She left the house and started to walk to Salt Lake City,” he said. “(Martinez) noticed that she was missing about ten minutes later and he took off after her. That was the last (time) she was ever seen.”

Police never got a chance to question Martinez. In 1997 he committed suicide. But something Martinez said to his friend stuck with him all these years.

“(Martinez) told me one day, he says, ‘you all think I had something to do with Debbie’s disappearance, don’t you?'” recalled the friend. “And I look at him and (he) goes ‘well I did. I killed her.’ and he laughs, ‘ha-ha-ha. Just kidding.”

While there has never been any confirmation that Martinez murdered Frost, most believe Frost died at the hands of Martinez.

Nearly four-decades later, her brother’s long journey continues.

“I’d like to know where her body is so we can bring her home, take her to Salt Lake and give her a proper burial with her dad,” Frost said.

But the friend said if Martinez did kill Debbie Frost, he’d never tell anyone where he buried her.

“He would take that to the grave,” said the friend. “I know him.”

The friend said he never came forward when Frost disappeared in 1984 because he feared Martinez. Even after Martinez killed himself, the friend said he kept it to himself because he was still worried about Martinez’ circle of friends.