SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Robert Ehnmann thought he was doing his landlord a favor.

She was the owner of a bread and breakfast in Highland and was having trouble with one of the tenants. She wanted him evicted and asked Ehmann for help. That’s when everything went sideways and a 911 call was needed.

Dispatch: “911 what’s the address of your emergency?”
Ehmann: “Hello I have a gentleman on my property and I have a gun in my possession.”

Soon, Lone Peak police officers were sent to investigate.

Dispatch: “There is a male at a BNB. He was asked to leave an hour ago he’s refused.”

It was February and at 1:30 in the morning when the officers arrived at the home.

Police entered the home unsure of what to expect but the owner of the home appeared calm. The dispute in the home seemed to have died down.

Police were directed to a man in the kitchen. He was on the phone talking to someone and police demanded his attention. His name was Nicholas and told police what happened.

“I have been staying her for two days, at this BNB,” Nicholas could be heard saying on the police body cam recording. “I booked it online. you can look it up.”

He then proceeded to tell the officer that Ehmann arrived at his bedroom and announced that he needed to leave.

“Out of nowhere I wasn’t even raising my voice,” he told the officer. “I wasn’t saying anything wrong. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Out of nowhere this (expletive) guy, this psychopath he goes (gun sounds) ‘put your (expletive) hands up. You’re (expletive) under arrest.'”

The woman sought help from Robert Ehmann who was also staying at her BNB.

Police found Ehmann outside. He told police he was only trying to help the woman but Nicholas refused to leave the home. Ehmann didn’t deny he pulled out a weapon.

“I pulled out my firearm, my sidearm, and I racked a round and I said ‘you have 3 minutes before I will call the cops,'” Ehmann told the officer. “He made it very clear that he was not leaving. So in three minutes I called 911 on my phone.”

Ehmann’s interview with police was also recorded on the officer’s body cam.

The owner of the BNB told police Nicholas violated house rules by drinking alcohol and wanted to evict him and sought Ehmann’s help.

After hearing both sides, it was Ehmann who was arrested by police for aggravated assault.

In the eyes of police, Nicholas was victimized by Ehmann but he also got a citation for trespassing. Ehmann’s attorney was puzzled by the arrest.

“(Nicholas) was the unruly belligerent party,” said Craig Johnson. “(It’s) ironic that they would kick him out by saying you are out of control but he had more credibility than my client and then they arrested my client. It was very perplexing how they reached that result.”

Ehmann felt that he was wronged by police and prosecutors who later charged him. Later this week, part 2 of Ehmann’s fight for justice.