Just a Cross on his shoulder

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) – Getting to Salt Lake City for 72-year-old David Smith hasn’t been easy but his journey has many in awe.

To get to know a man you must first walk a mile in his shoes, step by step. Smith is making his way 80 miles along Route 89 from Perry to Salt Lake City. His only companion is a cross.

“I thought I was going to sleep under a bush. I had no idea this was going to go like it is,” said Smith.

The cross weighs about 80 pounds, give or take.

“People kiss this and shake when they touch it,” he says.

Many offering help along the way. Trooper Joshua Carr gave him a beanie and his first warm night.

“He said we can put the cross over there and I’ll take you to the hotel,” Smith said.

Both believers and non-believers are seen as angels in David’s eyes. He has the opportunity to meet many of them along the way.

“I look at [this] lady as my guardian angel. She keeps darting in. She keeps coming and appearing and bringing me goodies, making sure I’m warm,” he said.

His most memorable encounter touched his life as much as he touched hers.

“She brought me a little packet of food and $3.00. She said I want to give you more but something about payday. The next day it snowed a little bit and here the same lady comes, single mom, has a jacket for me,” said Smith. “And then she hands me $10.00 and I say, ‘Thank You.’ She says ‘No, Thank you for what you gave me.'”

Smith says all Christians know what the cross represents.

“I think this relates to all Christians. I’m not promoting or demoting any philosophy,” he adds.

That is not his goal. All he wants is to create a conversation and have a real human experience and has a message for all those who have come out to support him, “Thank you so much for what you give me and to know you.”

While you may not understand what it’s like to walk in these shoes, it’s not hard to recognize how much he cares.

Smith hopes plans to be in Salt Lake City in plenty of time for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints General Conference.

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