PROVO (ABC4 Utah News) – The second murder trial of Conrad Truman ended very differently from the first.

“We find the defendant not guilty,” the jury foreperson said Friday afternoon, drawing an audible gasp from someone in attendance.

“Alright. You’re out of here madam,” Judge Samuel D. McVey said. “You’ll leave.”

Outside the courtroom, more reaction from Truman’s sister Colette Dahl.

“We’re thrilled,” Dahl said. “We’re just glad that the truth has finally set this nightmare to an end.”

“We’re sad,” Utah County Attorney Tim Taylor said. “Sad for the Wagner family. I mean we really believed in this case.”

In both trials, the prosecution claimed Truman shot his wife Heidy in the head after a night of drinking and arguing on September 30th, 2012. The defense maintained Heidy shot herself. The case hinged on how far she could have walked after that fatal wound. The distance between the site of the shot and where the body was found was actually less than presented at the first trial.

“We think the outcome of the first trial in this case was impacted by some of the faulty evidence we uncovered,” defense attorney Mark Moffat told reporters. “It’s hard to say what the jury focused on specifically but those measurements inside that house had a big deal to do with it…What people need to understand is Conrad Truman has been incarcerated since July of 2013 for a crime that he did not commit. This day has been long in coming. He has endured incredible hardship over that period of time. He has spent time in prison. When he got a new trial he was brought back to the Utah County Jail and he has been there ever since he was returned. This has been a huge, huge victory for him and for his family.”

“We’re just really grateful to the jury and to our attorneys,” Dahl said. “Particularly to Mark and Annie for the phenomenal job they did exposing the true facts which we knew would set him free.”

Following his 2014 conviction Truman was sentenced to 15 years to life in the state prison. On Friday evening he was released from the Utah County Jail as a free man.