What is the secret to leaving your mark in life?

Jessop's Journal

Jessop’s Journal is something special when it comes to broadcast news. I have the honor of being able to do longer in-depth interviews you don’t normally see with people from all walks of life.

This entry into Jessop’s Journal has an interesting back story. I got to sit down with Isaac Childs. In a roundabout way, he is the reason I’m doing the Jessop’s Journal series. Why, you ask? You may have noticed that I carry a small field notes journal in most all of most stories. I believe that stories deserve to be saved. It just so happens that I’ve been using Rustico journals for years. Lucky me, I met the guy that created these journals as a way to record his travels. He has a phrase that I love #LeaveYourMark .

Here are your Internet Treasure Hunt questions to prove that you watch the entire story:

*There is a person that really had an impact on Isaac. Who believed in Isaac before he did?

*How did he meet his wife?

*He has traveled extensively. What two (2) locations does he recommend for people to visit?

*Where was his first paying job?

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With another entry into Jessop ‘s Journal, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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