Lessons from Garth Brooks, beautiful mistakes, and life-saving friendships fill Jessop’s Journal this week

Jessop's Journal

(ABC4) – As is typical for Jessop’s Journal, a weekly collection of positive, powerful, and inspirational stories, human connection and relationships are hallmarks of the profiles featured on this Sunday’s latest episode.

Whether it’s a connection from broadcaster to broadcaster, broadcaster to producer, and friend to friend, Doug Jessop’s newest entries in his well-worn but well-loved journal are sure to pull on your heartstrings

Or in the case of the third story in this week’s episode, it’ll touch on the kidneys a bit as well.

‘Friends in Low Places’

ABC4’s Nicea DeGering, who serves as a host on the station’s Emmy-winning morning lifestyle show, Good Things Utah, sits down with Doug to walk him through her journey in broadcasting. One of her most memorable experiences came early in her career when she was working as ABC4’s crime reporter. While out covering a carjacking one day, DeGering was reassigned to interview country music star Garth Brooks, who was in town to perform at the then-Delta Center for a sold-out show.

After admitting to Brooks that she wasn’t too familiar with his work, he graciously invited her to attend his show that night. At the conclusion of the show, the iconic singer upped the ante on his surprise even more by bringing the reporter on stage for the encore. It was an unforgettable and educational moment for DeGering, she explains.

“It was one of my favorite connections because that’s what I do,” she tells Doug. “I tell stories, I tell other people’s stories. And he taught me about connection and making a connection with a stranger…But I learned from Garth Brooks.”

I would love to leave Utah TV a tiny bit better than I found it. I would love to be remembered for being authentically me on and off the screen for being kind for not being so distant and caught up in what I do that I forget that everyone out there is why I get to do what I do. To tell stories in a way that inspires people like I’m inspired every day to be someone my kids can look up to and whether they ever fantasize about doing this career or not be proud that I do have a dream job and I feel lucky every day.

Nicea DeGering, on how she wants to leave her mark

‘When things go awry, they’re beautiful’

Offering a look behind the curtain at what goes into taping an episode of Good Things Utah, Doug joins the show’s executive producer, Marchelle Lee, to learn about her work and her story.

According to Lee, the challenges and opportunity for flawed – yet magical – moments that can happen at any time during a two-hour-long, live-aired show every weekday, is what makes the job so enjoyable.

“I really prefer live [television] and it’s because of the flaws,” the ‘conductor of the show explains. “It’s when things go awry, when things are not planned, that is when the magic happens. I feel like that’s when the TV magic is made and those moments are magic. And honestly, you can’t plan them and you can’t produce them. I’d like to produce them in my head, but when they go awry, they’re beautiful.”

Kidney Brothers

American Fork neighbors Ed Cameron and Spencer Cannon don’t come anywhere close to resembling as brothers, even though they have a lot in common. Both served in the U.S. Army and were stationed in Germany around the same time, they’ve also found a shared passion for music.

Although they are clearly not related by blood – Cameron is African-American and Cannon is Caucasian – the two share an incredibly close bond after Cannon donated a kidney to Cameron when the latter was suffering from severe organ failure.

Cameron tells Doug he was moved by the gesture.

“It is absolutely incredible that a white person is going to step up to the plate for an Average Joe, black person and donate a kidney to save my life,” Cameron said prior to the transplant.

“It was the right thing to do,” Cannon told his friend after receiving his appreciation after the surgery.

Jessop’s Journal airs each Sunday at 10 a.m. on ABC4 Utah.

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