(DOUG JESSOP- JESSOP’S JOURNAL, ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) What happens when you are flying a plane and it runs out of gas? What’s it like to fly a MIG fighter jet? Tell me about being a diver to work on a nuclear power plant? These are not questioning you would ask the typical person.

Nate Jones isn’t the typical person. He is a risk taker. He is an entrepreneur. He also happens to be the President of a nasal and dental hygiene company called XLEAR.

Here’s something that everyone does (or should) to reduce the risk of getting and/or spreading disease…you wash your hands. Have you thought about washing your nose? Nate Jones certainly has.

Come to find out that Nate’s father was a pediatrician that created a nasal spray that washes away bacteria that causes ear infections in kids.

To say that 2020 is a different year is the understatement of the century. COVID-19 is the topic of the year. A variety of studies have been done regarding the spread of the pandemic. The Journal of American Medicine. Please note that I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on television, but let’s see what we’ve got so far from people that are doctors and researchers for real. We’ve known since March when they put an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, that the SARS CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19 is brought into your body through the upper airways. It seems that you can reduce the amount of viruses/viral load by deactivating the virus. If you reduce the viral load, you might make it so that people don’t spread the disease as much and, if you do get sick, you might not be as sick. Researchers have apparently confirmed that there is something that does this “deactivation.”

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center report that something as simple as using anti-viral nasal sprays slow down disease progression and transmission.

Nate explained; “If you have something that is deactivating the virus, destroying the virus, which there are ingredients in our nasal spray we’ve been using for 20 years that we just found out, do that. Those studies were done at Utah State University and the University of Geneva.”

It was interesting to talk candidly about conversations with doctors, which makes sense, but also with public officials and politicians. I won’t give away what he said, but let’s say there are certain frustrations. Nate went into a lot of detail that warrants watching the nineteen minute interview rather than just transcribing what he said. Consider this your personal invitation to watch and let me know your thoughts by emailing me at Djessop@abc4.com.

I strongly feel that “stories have power”. Chances are that if you are going through something, that someone else probably has as well. The shared experiences we humans have can help each other. That my friend makes the point that stories “help us understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people would take more time getting to knowing more about others and where they are coming from, we just might find out that we have more similarities than differences.

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Stories have power. They help us understand each other. With another entry into Jessop ‘s Journal, I’m Doug Jessop , ABC4 News. 

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