(DOUG JESSOP JESSOP’S JOURNAL ) When you watch Good Things Utah on your television, phone or computer, it is all because a lot of moving parts came together just right. In this episode of Jessop’s Journal we sat down with the Godmother of Lifestyle Television – Nicea DeGering. She has a powerful story in front of the camera.

We also take a peek behind the camera and see what happens behind the scenes with the positive TV producer Marchelle Lee.

You’ll also want to stay tuned for the inspirational story of the gift of life between two brother in arms.

In between, Jay Warren shares a musical moment.

But first, Nicea DeGering…


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Nicea Degering has been the host of the longest running lifestyle show in Utah since day #1. Nearly two decades later we sat down together to give people a little peek into the wonderful world of television broadcasting. Here’s just a snippet of our interview (you need to watch the video to get the whole story)

DOUG- Was there a favorite interview over the last eighteen years? NICEA – So, this was before eighteen years. This was before Good Things Utah. I’d have to think about my GTU one’s because so many amazing, but Garth Brooks. DOUG – Really? NICEA – Doug I was young. I was so, so young. I didn’t listen to country music. I was the crime reporter and they sent me to interview Garth Brooks who had just sold out Central Park. Insane concert in the late nineties. He comes to Utah sells out five nights at the then Delta Center.

I went to the concert. He pulled me up for the encore. I held hands with Garth Brooks at the sold-out Delta Center on stage right before he sang “I’ve Go Friends in Low Places” and I was at the pinnacle of my career. Right there. I could have died and gone to heaven and been fine. I didn’t really know Garth Brooks and the impact that he had on country music and it was a moment I will never forget. DOUG – Virtual fist bump. NICEA – Right. Real quick. The end of that story. Four years ago. First time he had been back. Now Energy Solutions. I got to interview him. I see him. While they are putting his microphone on him, I said. I have a story for you. There was a little reporter in Salt Lake. Years ago. Two decades ago. She knew nothing about country music. He says, yes ma’am, yes ma’am. You not only told her what it was about. You took her on stage and held her hand to show her how it felt. And he goes, you still have a job. DOUG – Serious. NICEA – and so do you. You’re still singing. And we had a moment. We hugged. It was before COVID, thank heaven, it was before COVID. My favorite. My favorite connection because that’s what I do. I tell stories. I tell other people’s stories DOUG – Yeah. NICEA – He taught me about connection. Making a connection with a stranger. There was a, I don’t know you. I was there to do the interview, but I learned from Garth Brooks.


Jay Warren is a talented musician. How talented? How about having a number one R&B album on iTunes! He even beat out an album from Alicia Keys.

Click the PLAY button, sit back, relax with someone you love (or maybe want to love) and enjoy his performance of “Moment.”


Being a TV personality puts you in front of the camera a lot. What you might not know is what happens behind the camera. In this episode of Jessop’s Journal I had the pleasure to visit with Marchelle Lee.

Marchelle’s official title is Executive Producer of Good Things Utah. In reality, Marchelle is the “Ring Master” of a the beloved, longest running “lifestyle TV show” in the state called “Good Things Utah.” Imagine being in charge of a three-ring circus that performs every weekday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

You’ll need to watch the interview to get the details of what goes on to producing a two-hour show every weekday. There are a lot of moving parts and people that make things happen and you’ll get a pretty good behind the scenes look when you watch our interview.

Even though there is a lot of fun and frolics, we did get pretty serious about the trials and tribulations that sometime happen both behind and in-front of the camera.

I’m grateful to Marchelle for sharing her story of having brain surgery.  Mostly we talked about connections made, hearts lifted, funny times and the power of TV to entertain and let people take a breath, have hope, smile, and laugh.


Here’s a story to remind you that there is still good in the world. When I met Ed Cameron his kidneys were failing. We met while he was getting dialysis. He told me about the machine that he is hooked up to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for up to 4 hours. “That long tube that you see at the end over there is the actual artificial kidney itself.  The blood runs through that. It’s filtered, and it runs through there and it goes back into my body. They basically take everything out and put everything back in.”

Many years ago, Ed served in the United States Army and was stationed in Germany. Coincidentally, Ed’s neighbor in American Fork, Spencer Cannon did as well. Spencer told me; “We didn’t know each other then. When I found out he had served, and we had served in Germany at the same time. That made our bond closer as friends.”

These brothers-in-arms share a love of music. Ed commented; “When I first met Spencer I remember seeing him singing in church in choir and thought isn’t that the Sherriff?”

That’s not the only thing they are going to share. Spencer is donating a kidney to Ed.  Spencer explained; “He told me, yeah, it’s time I need to start getting some people tested for kidney donation. I said, well I’ll get tested and see if I qualify to see if we are a match.  Ed’s a good friend. I’d do anything for him.”

Ed is grateful and amazed; “It is absolutely incredible that a white person that happens to be in law enforcement is going to step up to the plate for an average joe black person and donate a kidney to save my life.”

I’m glad to report that the surgery was successful. As they reunited in the hospital just after the surgery. Ed said; “Spencer, you saved my life bro.” Spencer replied, “You made my life better.”

They are both home from the hospital They came to the ABC4 Utah studios to give us a status report. They are both a little tender…in body and spirit.

They shared a rendition of Ed’s favorite hymn and then got reflective. Ed said; “At 2 percent kidney function. He came in in the nick of time. Just like a first responder and he saved my life. I’m grateful bro.” Spencer humbly replied; “It was the right thing to do.”


Everyone has a story. I strongly feel that “stories have power”. Chances are that if you are going through something, that someone else probably has as well. The shared experiences we humans have can help each other. That my friend makes the point that stories “help us understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people would take more time getting to knowing more about others and where they are coming from, we just might find out that we have more similarities than differences.

Jessop’s Journal is something special when it comes to broadcast news. I have the honor of being able to do longer in-depth interviews that you don’t normally see with people from all walks of life. A big shout out goes to my collaborator, Ed Wilets, who does a great job as my videographer/editor for all my stories. I invite you to watch each episode of Jessop’s Journal at www.JessopsJournal.com and share these stories with your friends and neighbors.  Your feedback is always welcome.

Stories have power. They help us understand each other. With another entry into Jessop ‘s Journal, I’m Doug Jessop.

Doug Jessop
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