Jamaal Williams having stellar rookie season for Packers


GREEN BAY (ABC4 Sports) – BYU’s all-time leading rusher Jamaal Williams is tearing it up the last few weeks for the Green Bay Packers, and has helped revive the team’s playoff hopes.

In his last three games, Williams has been one of the most productive running backs in the entire NFL, accounting for 376 total yards and five touchdowns.

Williams has 627 total yards this season, most of them coming in the last five games when he took over the starting running back job.

“Honestly, I just think you’ve got to want it more than the other dude,” said Williams, a fourth round pick out of BYU in the 2017 draft. “Really, I feel as if it’s all in your mind. We’re all athletic and everybody can do everything. It’s just putting your mind to it.”

“He’s been given opportunities, and like all running backs, you get to carry the ball 15 to 20 times a game, there’s a reason for it,” said Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy. “It means you’re being productive, and when you’re productive, you’re only going to get better with the more touches that you have.”

Now with the return of All-Pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Williams feels the Packers will be even more dangerous.

“People have to respect us even more pass game wise too,” Williams said. “So I think it will just help out the run game a little bit more now that people won’t be putting 8 or 9 in the box. So it will feel good.”

Rodgers, who hasn’t played since October 15th when he broke his collarbone, says Williams has made the Packers a more balanced offense.

“Jamaal has done a great job for us and given us some good versatility back there,” Rodgers said. “The key for any offense is if you can have some semblance of balance. Jamaal has his style and is a very physical back.”

Williams has plenty of style. He won BYU fans over with not only his running ability, but also his ability to celebrate touchdowns with his dancing. Now, he’s doing the same with Packers fans. Williams’ even almost got McCarthy to dance with him after scoring a touchdown against Cleveland.

“I wasn’t ready yet,” McCarthy said. “I was a little self-conscious in front of 50,000 people I guess. No, I wasn’t going to dance with him. I’ve got an extra point to worry about.”

“He’s pretty limber already,” said Williams. “You just have to be flexible in the hips. But he’s got it. He just needs practice, that’s all. I’m going to work with him. One day I’m going to get him to do it. I can’t wait. That’s going to be a great day.”

If that happens, Williams will become an instant Packers Hall of Famer.

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