It’s National Cat Day and your cat loves you, really!


Cats tend to be most active at dusk and dawn, but sleep up to 16 hours a day. Kittens are known to sleep even longer.

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4)- Oct. 29 is National Cat Day. It is a special day to honor that special feline member of the family. It is also a day to raise awareness of cat adoption. 

The first National Cat Day was first observed in 2005, according to the website it was started by Colleen Paige who, according to her personal website, is “a leading pet & family lifestyle expert” as well as an animal behaviorist, interior designer, writer, and photographer.

Her website also encourages adoption and discourages buying animals from a pet store which she says are supplied by puppy or kitten mills. The Brown County Humane Society in Nashville, Indiana says major stores like Petco and PetSmart get their inventory of dogs and cats from animal shelters and animal rescue groups. 

They also don’t sell animals as much as they give them a space to be until someone can provide a home for them. 

Although some people tend to think of cats as aloof, a 2019 study from the University of Oregon published in Current Biology found that cats actually form bonds with their owners. The study says the bonds formed by cats are “similar” to that of dogs and their owners. 

The study found four styles of attachment between cats and humans based on how long they were apart from their owners. Researchers identified the different styles as secure kitten, insecure ambivalent kitten, insecure-avoidant kitten, and secure attachment adult. 

In a video recorded for the study, the first style, which is secure kitten, a seven-month-old male kitten freely approaches their owner and spends a few moments being around them, allowing themselves to be pet while also rubbing up against their side.

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In the insecure ambivalent style, an 8-month-old male kitten quickly got onto its owner’s lap and allowed himself to be caressed. However, he kept looking around the room instead of focusing on being pet by their owner as if he were on the lookout for something to happen to them. He acknowledged their owner only two or three times while on their lap. 

For the third style, insecure-avoidant, a six-month-old female kitten is huddled in a corner from the moment their owner enters into the room to when they reach their lap in a roundabout manner almost two minutes later. The kitten then allows herself to be pet.

In the final style, which is secure attachment, a seven-year-old male cat is already waiting at the door when their owner enters. Once she sits down, the cat immediately approaches her and allows himself to be pet. He walks away from them briefly only to come back and be pet again. He walks around the room again and comes back for more petting. He repeats this action. 

Despite their approach, cats love their owners and owners love their cats.

In 2019, ABC4’s Nicea DeGering shared in Good Things Utah says that the average cat owner takes at least seven photos of their cat a day. She also shared that 41% of cat owners have a framed photo of their cat.

Utah Humane Society Executive Director Vaughn Maurice apparently likes cats a lot. He told Good Things Utah that the society’s marketing director wrote lyrics for a song about cats which he then used to make a music video of him dressed in a cat costume. The purpose of all that was to emphasize cat adoption in the state.

Oct. 15 is National Community Cat Day, a separate holiday celebrating those cats who don’t have owners but who are out in the community being cared for by different people. Best Friends Animal Society in Sugar House wants to move away from using the term “feral cats” in favor of “community cats” due to the negative connotation the word “feral” has.

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