It’s June. Go on and hit the dune, at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.


KANE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Forget the beaches. You can land in the sand at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Sand from Navajo sandstone towering high toward the sky.

The desert dunes are estimated to be between 10 thousand and 15 thousand years old. Formed by high wind the landscape is perfect for hiking and playing in the sand.

Chock full of adventure, 90% of the dunes are open for OHV riding and you don’t have to haul all the toys to the park.

“We take people out from all over the world travel here to visit our park. And it’s just kind of a unique experience to be able to get out and see what’s beyond the observation deck.”

Mindy Baxter knows the trails inside and out and has all the sand boarding and sand sledding equipment for the family. And Park manager Michael Franklin says the coral pink sand dunes has it all.

And after more than a decade as the manager he’s confident the state park is headquarters for family fun.

It’s June. Why wouldn’t you hit the dune.

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