(ABC4) – Each state has been hit hard by inflation over the last year. Recently, The Consumer Price Index released their statistics for the month of March 2022. Here’s what got hit hardest by inflation from March 2021 to March 2022.  


Uncooked beef and veal- 20.4% increase

Citrus fruits- 19.5% increase

Bacon- 18.2% increase

Breakfast Sausage- 16.5% increase

Peanut Butter & Margarine – 15.8% increase

Fresh milk- 14.5% increase

Salad dressing- 13.9% increase

Fuel oil- 70% increase


Window coverings- 18.4% increase

Furniture and bedding-15.8% increase

Clocks and lamps- 12.2% increase


Men’s suits- 14.5% increase

Infant and toddler clothes- 13% increase

Men’s shirts/sweaters- 10.9% increase

Women’s dresses- 10.1% increase


Used cars and trucks- 35% increase

Rental cars and trucks- 23% increase

Tires- 16.4% increase

Hotels/motels- 29% increase