SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – On Tuesday, the Utah Medical Association held a news conference to say marijuana is not medicine — and on Thursday, another group told ABC4 they disagree completely.

In 1996, Christine Stenquist was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“The pain was just horrendous. And there wasn’t really a lot of options and relief for me,” said Stenquist.

Four years ago, she found respite from marijuana. Now, she runs a group called TRUCE, or Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education.

“We’re not saying we want access to this because it’s a cure. But we’re suffering. And we want our side effects from our diseases, our conditions and our illnesses to subside enough so we have a better quality of life. What is wrong with a better quality of life?”said Stenquist.

She says she was saddened by a news conference, held Tuesday, by the Utah Medical Association.

Experts at the news conference said that marijuana isn’t medical. Cannabis hasn’t been approved by the FDA and it hasn’t been scientifically proven to treat patients.

Speakers at the news conference said they were “increasingly concerned” that the term “medical marijuana” was used by the media and therefore influenced public opinion.

“That’s what’s frustrating. Is that you don’t give us legitimacy,” said Stenquist, tears welling up in her eyes.

Five medical marijuana bills are being sponsored in the 2017 Utah legislative session.