(ABC4) – With National Pumpkin Day only a few days away (Oct. 26), in honor of the festive fall holiday, a new study has revealed the top pumpkin-flavored foods preferred by each state.

For those who plan on visiting the many pumpkin patches open across Utah, while taking home a newly-prized edible possession, you may need some ideas on what to do with your pumpkin after you carve it out. What better way to utilize the giant orange fruit than turning it into an edible treat?

The study focused on Instagram-sourced data that tracked mentions of pumpkin over the last month from users’ feeds and Instagram story posts.

When the results came in, it was revealed that pumpkin bread was crowned the top choice, with 13 states preferring it. Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin pie all tied for second place with 11 states preferring each.

According to the data, Utahns loved pumpkin cookies the best. Pumpkin Spice Lattes came in last place, dominating only in the states of New York, California, Texas, and South Carolina.

Here’s an interactive map created by Instagram showing which pumpkin-flavored treat dominated in every state:

Courtesy: Instagram