SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Electric vehicles have been around longer than gas-powered ones. Back in the 1830s in Scotland, engineers were making horseless carriages using batteries. But it’s been in the last decade or two that electric cars have really started to make their mark. In Thursday’s IN FOCUS discussion, three guests joined ABC4’s Nick McGurk to talk about the electric car, its future in Utah, the benefits, challenges, and the growing desire to move this type of vehicle.

Jeff Miller, general manager of Mark Miller Subaru discussed how many people drive electric vehicles through consumer choice and how many through government regulation, the supply chain for EVs, what the announcements by Ford and GM going fully electric means for the auto industry, his prediction as to how many cars on the road will be electric in the next few years, when they might become more affordable in price, and the thought process behind converting commercial vehicles like busses and long haulers.

James Campbell, director of innovation and sustainability for Rocky Mountain Power talked about his company’s role in the need to support the growing electrical vehicle industry, the infrastructure they’re putting in place throughout the state for electric vehicles, how they decide on the logistics for charging stations, and how they think about global warming and cleaner energy.

Ashley Miller, executive director for Breathe Utah discussed how much of Utah’s air pollutants come from tailpipes, how many electric vehicles need to be on the state’s road to make a difference in our air quality, the socioeconomic issues surrounding EVs, the bills in the Utah State Legislature that would tax electric vehicles for road maintenance, and her predictions on where electric cars will be in the future.

To watch the full IN FOCUS discussion with Miller, Campbell, and Miller, click on the video at the top of the article.

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