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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – It’s hard to take a larger view of the pandemic when we are still in the middle of it. But there is an immense amount of data being generated as there’s still a lot we don’t know about COVID-19. While we tend to focus on the day-to-day implications of what we learn, there are concepts and scientific experiments being developed. So what are some of the big innovations in science and public health that we are learning?

Dr. Nels Elde, Associate Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Utah joined ABC4’s Rosie Nguyen on the CW30 News at 7 p.m. for an IN FOCUS discussion about an academic paper that talked about the evolution of the coronavirus, the big ideas that may come out of the pandemic, and the challenges of parsing through the fire hose of data.

Dr. Sankar Swaminathan, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the University of Utah Hospital talked about the vaccines using mRNA techniques, what is being studied when it comes to variants, and what may be the next big idea that comes from vaccine creation.

Ivy Melton Sales, the Community Health Services Division Director for the Davis County Health Department discussed emergency health scenario planning, how they planned for smallpox and influeza outbreaks, what they learned from the Swine Flu, and on-the-fly innovations they had to make during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To watch the full IN FOCUS discussion with Dr. Elde, Dr. Swaminathan, and Sales, click on the video at the top of the article.

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