SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Inflation is up more than 8% from this time last year in the United States. You are likely feeling it every time you make a trip to the store. Utah farmers say while grocery prices are increasing, they’re not getting rich.

U.S. senators from Utah say it’s time for the federal government to cut its spending to slow inflation.   

“Well, until the corn maze idea came up, I was really, seriously thinking of just cashing out,” Blair McFarland told ABC4. For decades, McFarland has been a dairy farmer in Weber County, but it’s becoming harder to make a living.   

“The cost of everything,” McFarland said. “Fertilizer’s doubled, chemicals are 70% up, seed prices went up some, our labor costs, and then certainly fuel.”  

A few years ago, McFarland and his family decided to make a change. “It’s hard to feed the milk cows that we have, so agritourism is an option.” The family opened a corn maze, pumpkin patch and other attractions. What started off as a labor of love, now helps sustain the farm.  

In West Weber, another family farm is feeling the effects of inflation as well.

“You would think that farmers are excited about high prices in the grocery stores, but the reality is that we aren’t making any more money,” Kenny McFarland said. “We’re making just the same. In fact, maybe even less in some circumstances.”  

Kenny McFarland and his family are produce farmers. Like the other McFarland family, the increasing cost of chemicals, fuel, labor and equipment parts have reduced their profit margins.

He added that about 80% of their crops are wholesale to grocery stores across the Wasatch Front.

“You’re seeing the prices of everything go up, and up, and up,” Sen. Mitt Romney told ABC4. “It’s really hard for people to make ends meet.”  

“The average Utah family, today, is having to spend an additional $949 a month,” Sen. Mike Lee said. “Every single month on their basic monthly household expenses.”  

Sen. Lee emphasized the issue by saying: “[They’re] no longer in a position where they’re just cutting out luxuries for necessities. They’re cutting out one necessity for another. We can’t handle more of this.” 

Both senators told ABC4 that steps need to be taken to slow inflation. The most important thing, they said, is for the federal government to stop spending money.  

Sen. Romney also wants the government to focus on helping farmers.

“I would like to also see us increase the number of visas we give to people who want to come here legally and work,” he said. “That’ll help hold down the prices of food.”