SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Women in Utah can now go topless in public, according to the attorney representing two women in a Colorado lawsuit that is now affecting multiple states.

In Fort Collins, Colorado, two women sued the city over a topless ban and won.

And then, at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the women won again.

As a city, Fort Collins decided the city wouldn’t appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court — which, according to the plaintiff’s attorney, means that ruling affects all six states in the 10th Circuit including Utah.

“Utah is bound by the decisions of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals — so any city that has a law in Utah that bans female toplessness but doesn’t ban male toplessness, that law is presumptively unconstitutional now,” said attorney Andy McNulty.

“The fact that there is discrimination enshrined in the law is inherently problematic and harms women. The second thing is that these laws perpetuate the sex stereotype that women’s bodies are inherently sexual,
and that women are inherently sexual objects and nothing else,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Utah Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on the story.

McNulty says it’s very possible this case — or a similar one — will end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.