SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Industries across the state are coming together on Tuesday at the One Utah Summit to highlight Utah’s economic opportunities, and where the state’s innovation is headed.

This summit is meant to exemplify diversity, growth, and collaboration in Utah. There is also an emphasis on reforming our state’s energy and making it a better place for women. 

The summit discusses economic growth, progress in Utah’s higher education, new developments in biotech, and a big topic today – energy. 

The governor is announcing a new energy plan for Utah, emphasizing clean, renewable, and independent energy for the state. 

He says the state is looking to work with legislators to de-carbonize and increase hydrogen energy, including the production of hydrogen vehicles. 

“We want energy that’s affordable, energy that is reliable, and then energy that’s sustainable,” Governor Cox said. 

Cox also emphasizes the importance of making Utah a better place for women in our workforce. 

“Our focus has to be on improving the life of women in our state. You’ve heard today, and this is not something we shy away from, we recognize that Utah has not a leader in the space of helping women accomplish their goals and their dreams and we’re trying to do more and more there,” Cox said.