DRAPER, Utah (ABC4) — Draper police are reminding citizens that trapping is illegal in the city of Draper.

Thursday, March 1, a dog was severely injured on the Jordan River Parkway Trail when it was attacked by an injured fox who had been caught in an illegal trap.

According to Lieutenant Pat Evans of the Draper City Police Department, the fox was caught in an illegal steel jaw animal trap in the area of Jordan River Rotary Park when it attacked the dog.

Evans said there was a gentleman out there with his dogs, and they were running around in a field without leashes when one of the dogs came across the fox caught in the trap. The dog then attacked the fox, and the injured fox was trying to defend itself and severely injured the dog.

A second, un-triggered trap was located in the same area. Animal traps are illegal in Draper City, the press release stated.

The condition of the dogs is unknown, but the fox had to be euthanized. These traps are not just a concern for wildlife in the area, but for our pets and children.  

“Be watchful with children and animals on trails throughout the city as these traps continue to be found in our community,” said representatives of Draper City.

Dog owners were also reminded in the email to observe leash laws designed to protect their pets.

“If you’re out here walking your dog, it is against the law to have your dog off-leash,” Evans said. “I know we all love our animals, we want them to get their exercise, but this is a prime example of where things can go wrong.”

If anyone has information about these illegal traps being placed, please contact Draper police dispatch at (801) 840-4000.