OREM, Utah (ABC4) — Orem residents have reported getting written notices that their car has been illegally parked and booted, requiring them to call an officer and pay a fine. Orem City Police Department says these warnings aren’t from them and residents shouldn’t call the number.

At a quick glance, the written notice seems real. In the top left is an Orem Police Department badge, in the top right is the logo for Orem City and the notice includes a ticket number, a citation number, and contact information. It even conveniently provides four “payment options” for residents to pay their “fine.”

A fake warning telling Orem Residents they are “illegally parked and booted” (Image courtesy of Orem Police Department)

Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear the notice is fake.

One of the first glaring errors is the Orem Police Department badge. The actual Orem Police Department is black, with grey lettering that reads “Police” across the top. The notice uses a logo found in a quick Google Image search that is mainly white with blue lettering.

In addition, the phone number and website where residents can “contact a peace officer” and “pay their fine in advance” are fake. Orem Police phone numbers begin with 299, while the number provided is a 544 number. Orem Police Department’s website is part of Orem City’s website, orem.org/police. The website provided in the “warning” suggests Orem PD has its own dedicated.

Orem Police Department said under no circumstances should residents call the number on the warning or visit the website. Instead, anyone who has received the notice should contact Orem Police Department at their actual phone number, 801-299-7070.