IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (ABC4) – An Idaho Falls woman has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping her daughter from a residence in South Salt Lake City and bringing her back to eastern Idaho. 

Jennifer Krysta Estrada, 32, is currently facing one second-degree charge of kidnapping.

According to East Idaho News, an investigation for the missing child began on May 27. After learning that the child was allegedly on her way to Idaho Falls with Estrada, her non-custodial mother, the South Salt Lake police notified Idaho Falls police. 

The child’s grandmother, her legal guardian, agreed to meet with Idaho Falls police. While in the presence of officers, the grandmother received a call from Estrada confirming that she had the child and telling the grandmother to sue her. 

East Idaho News notes that prior to hanging up the phone, Estrada gave the grandmother the address in Idaho Falls where she was. However, officers arrived on scene and found that the home was vacant. 

The grandmother then directed officers to a different residence where she said Estrada may be. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the homeowner who explained that Estrada had picked up her child in Salt Lake City because she believed the child’s father was abusing her. 

Police contacted Estrada over the phone and warned her that she would face charges if she did not bring the child back to her grandmother’s house. East Idaho News reports that Estrada replied saying she did not have to bring the child back, and shared that multiple attorneys had told her she had custodial rights. 

The grandmother then explained to officers that Estrada may have taken the child to a residence in Shelly. Upon police arrival, the child was located alone in a camp trailer. 

According to East Idaho News, the child told officers that Estrada had left to get a drink at the store. After waiting for some time, Estrada arrived at the residence and officers placed her under arrest.

While being transported to Bonneville County Jail where she was later booked, Estrada allegedly stated that she had picked the child up off the side of the road after learning that the child’s father had broken her fingers. While being interviewed by police the child shared that her father was not abusive and had never hurt her in any way. East Idaho News notes that there was also no physical evidence to believe the child was being abused. 

At this time, Estrada’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 8, and if convicted, she could face up to 25 years behind bars.