COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC4) – An Idaho couple has been accused of involvement in the death of a Utah former Olympic speed skater.

According to court documents, 49-year-old Marina Billings and 70-year-old Robert Billings have been accused of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult and aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult. Billings is a booking deputy at the Bannock County Jail in Idaho.

Cottonwood Heights Police say the victim is Boris Leikin, who is a former Olympic speed skater from Utah.

Leikin met Billings online and they were involved in a relationship. Billings moved in with him and that’s when Leikin fell very ill and became hospitalized, according to court documents. Authorities say Billings told Leikin’s neighbors that she moved in with Leikin to care for him and would be controlling his finances while he was hospitalized.

When Leikin returned home, she reportedly isolated him from others until his condition deteriorated once again and he was hospitalized for a second time. Leikin’s neighbors were surprised to see him struggle with health issues, saying he was the “picture of health” and was still competing in speed skating competitions at the time.

Leikin’s neighbors say Billings invited them over one day, saying she was adjusting Leikin’s will. They say Billings claims Leikin was suffering from a terminal case of mad cow disease.

When they arrived, they noticed another man present, who they discovered was Billings’ husband. They say Billings placed a pen in Leikin’s hand and forced him to sign the amended will, despite the man appearing to be visibly incapacitated. The neighbors say his hand was shaking during the ordeal and Billings was speaking to him in a “peculiar” manner, speaking to him “like a dog.”

The neighbor says Leikin was in love with Billings despite the woman being 20 years younger than him.

According to documents, Billings restricted visitors during Leikin’s hospitalization, claiming she was his fiancé. Hospital staff says Leikin appeared severely neglected, yet Billings remained indifferent to his condition. Leikin eventually passed away on July 6, 2021.

Through a final police investigation, officials confirmed Billings drafted a new will for Leikin, naming her as the beneficiary and executor. During a search warrant of Billings’ home, police discovered a secret basement room containing copies of Leikin’s will, power of attorney, medical records, and more.

Billings has been placed on administrative leave from her duties at the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office while the county conducts an internal investigation.