UTAH (ABC4) – Utah’s very own Post Malone opened up in a recent interview with Billboard magazine about his move from California to Utah, and his forthcoming album, ‘twelve carat toothache’.

Post has proven to be just about as original as a person can get, so it wasn’t a complete shock when the hip-hop artist switched out his luxurious LA lifestyle for a more relaxed future in Cottonwood Heights. 

“People wanted me to stay in L.A. – that’s where the work gets done – but I was fed up,” Post told Billboard. “There’s always something to do, and someone always wants something from ya – and I didn’t want to go crazy.” 

Regarding his move, Post’s father, Rich Post, told Billboard that it “was a big sigh of relief for the parental figures,” while co-manager Dre London referred to it as “the best thing for him – he can have a life.” 

Post described his decision to relocate, explaining how his success over the past four years consequently put him at the brink of burnout and heightened his anxiety. Referencing his Utah abode, he told Billboard, “Here, there are very few distractions.” 

However, Post’s change in scenery wasn’t a cure-all for every obstacle he was facing. The rapper expressed the creative block he experienced, telling Billboard, “There’s a lot riding on the music. There’s a lot riding on just being able to keep making songs. And that’s hard to do because you’re like… I already talked about everything. And you kind of run out of ideas,”. 

The musician was forced to reconsider his motives and determine why he even began making music in the first place. In making his new album, Post described the rediscovery he made of his musical identity, revealing to Billboard, “ There was a switch that flipped, and it felt like I was making ‘Stoney’,” referencing his 2016 debut album. “I lost that, and the hardest part is getting it back. It ebbs and flows. It’s figuring out: ‘Just because I’m not inspired to do it at the moment doesn’t mean I’m giving up.’” 

Post went on to discuss his experience in the music industry and his new approach to creating his most recent album, telling Billboard, “Every time you change your art and your way of thinking for someone else’s, that takes a little piece of yourself off every time. I feel like I’m trying to rebuild.” 

The artist stuck to his word in staying true to himself by composing his shortest album to date. ‘Twelve carat toothache’ clocks in at around 45 minutes. Post’s goal in creating the album was to avoid any filler. “Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work. Talking to the label (it’s like), ‘Oh, if you have less songs, you’re not going to stream as much,’ but the whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything,” he told Billboard. 

Post gave fans an inside scoop of how his new album differs from those prior, confessing to Billboard that the new songs “speak more to how I’m feeling at the moment: the ups and downs and the disarray and the bipolar aspect of being an artist in the mainstream,”. 

In producing ‘twelve carat toothache’, the Utah rapper has had to reconsider his career, telling Billboard, “I’ve made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don’t feel like I want to anymore. I don’t need a No. 1; that doesn’t matter to me no more, and at a point, it did.” 

In embarking on his new journey in honoring his true self, Post told Billboard what he is most excited for in the future: “A ranch and solar panels, or a hydro-powered living situation,” he said, once again addressing his Utah hide-away. “Kicking it, nothing to do… I’ve made music for years and years, and down the line, I just want to relax and enjoy the simple things. Be like a kid again. Have no responsibilities and everything is handled: your kids, your family, everybody is set and doesn’t need to worry, so you can just play games and play in the tall grass.”