SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – Through local recycling efforts, millions of tons of material are kept out of Utah landfills every year. Salt Lake City wants to do more. Utah’s capital city has set a zero waste goal, that means diverting 100% of its waste stream by either composting or recycling, by 2040

Salt Lake City’s Sustainability Department’s Communication Manager Sophia Nicholas explained, “We save money the more we encourage more people to recycle. because we extend the life of our landfill. We also save energy and we maintain good stewardship of our environment.”
To encourage people to recycle Salt Lake City understands first they need to educate. That’s why the city is training citizens to become master recyclers. “It’s an opportunity for anyone to really take a deep dive into our waste management system here in the city,” said Nicholas.

Salt Lake City’s Master Recycler program is free for anyone who wants to take part. The three month course provides in-depth instruction from certified professionals, including behind-the-scenes trips to the landfill and tours of local recycling facilities. “Just understanding the amazing scale of our waste management system here in Salt Lake City and just seeing that what you put into your bin it doesn’t just go in to some mystery box, it actually gets processed,” said Nicholas. “We have bales of cardboard, bales of aluminum, bales of plastic that gets sent to be made into new things.”  
From stay at home moms to employees looking to lessen their company’s waste stream, this course is for anyone who wants to know more about recycling and the environmental impacts of waste.

Kate Whitbeck from Momentum Recycling explained, “When we have more people that understand the importance of recycling then they’re out there talking to their friends, they’re talking to the businesses and in the places that they work, and they’re diverting materials from the landfill.”

The classes start Friday, April 7th and run for three months. To find out more log on to: