How Well Did You Sleep Last Night?


People start the new year with fitness and health in mind and proper rest is essential to any fitness plan.  If you get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed, a lot of your new goals become achievable.

Todd and Sheri Hall from Duerden’s Appliance & Mattress say your mattress can have a big impact on how you’re sleeping.

There’s no set time on when you should get a new mattress.  It depends on the quality of the mattress and if you’ve used a proper mattress protector.  Discount mattresses without protectors start to compromise after two years while durable mattresses with protectors last twenty years.

What matters is how you’re sleeping.  If you wake up with soreness or stiffness in your lower back, if you toss and turn throughout the night, if you sleep too hot, or if your partner is disturbing you, you should consider a new mattress.

If it is time for you to buy a new mattress, Duerden’s can make it easy and convenient.  A good mattress store will start with asking you a lot of questions to try to help you get into the right mattress within a few tries.  Once they find one that works with your body type, adjusting to your budget is easy.

There’s a long weekend coming up, and that means it’s a great time to get a value on a new mattress.  All Serta Perfect Sleepers are 50 percent off.  Duerden’s also gives you two free pillows with any purchase of $799 or more.  Duerden’s has 12 month, no-interest financing.  And as always, they want you to love your mattress, so they have a 60 day guarantee.

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