UTAH (ABC4) – Utah-based Korean Barbecue restaurant Cupbop appeared on the ABC reality-television show “Shark Tank” with hopes to franchise the brand and expand it further.

The company started out of a food truck in 2013 and has since expanded to more than 100 locations in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Indonesia.

Business partners Jung Song and Dok Kwon, both Korean immigrants, appeared on the show to pitch their company to the Sharks with a lot of enthusiasm. The two partners explained their company through a series of dance moves and humorous sayings such as their signature line, “Shh just eat!”

“We are a super energetic, a little bit crazy, quick-service Korean BBQ brand,” said Song. Song and Kwon offered the sharks 3% of their company for $1 million dollars.

Each Shark got to try a sample of the company’s Korean BBQ in a cup. Song and Kwon were met with much praise and positivity for their food and presentation.

The duo impressed the sharks with their report of earning $18.7 million over the last year. Each Shark ultimately made an offer to the company.

Song and Kwon ended up accepting a deal with Mark Cuban, selling 5% of their company for $1 million. “America is truly the land of opportunity,” Kwon said. “It’s a huge milestone for us, so I could honestly not be happier.”

Watch the full episode of Cupbop’s appearance on Shark Tank here.

Dok Kwon (left) and Jung Song (Courtesy of Cupbop)