How to use a fire extinguisher, students learn about fire safety Monday


MORONI, Utah (ABC4) – Students were able to partner up with Moroni Fire Department to learn about fire safety Monday.

On February 22, fire officials informed students on how to tackle a fire emergency with the aid of a fire extinguisher.

According to the department’s Facebook post, about 30 students were able to learn how to handle and use the fire safety device.

Firefighters use the acronym ‘Pass’ when teaching kids and adults how to use them. 

P: Pull 

A: Aim 

S: Squeeze 

S: Sweep

When facing a fire, fire officials also say it is crucial to ‘sweep’. Sweeping is when you tackle the fire at the base rather than the top of the flames.

Matt McFarland with Unified Fire reminds the public that when it comes to your extinguisher, make sure to replace it if it is more than six years old.

He goes on to say that, extinguishers with metal nozzles, that are a little bigger in size, are the kind that are the most reliable.

Fire officials add that in order to be safe and prepared, it is best to have a fire extinguisher on every floor of your home, and definitely one in the kitchen. 

If you plan on practicing how to use a fire extinguisher, officials say it is best practiced outside in your driveway.

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