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It’s here! Surae’s children’s book ‘When Clouds Come Out To Play’ and published by Lucie + Gray is now available. Surae thanked everyone and the viewers for supporting her journey in writing and publishing her book. Her Kickstarter was so successful that she was able to make her dream come true!

Her favorite has been the reactions from children seeing the book. The board book is easy to read, it’s whimsical and calms anxiety during scary weather. It’s why Surae wrote the book, in the first place, because it was during a particularly stormy night and her small children couldn’t sleep and were scared. Surae wished she had found a book to read to the kids that she could refer to. That night she wrote her own book.

Throughout the journey parents have been coming up to Surae telling their personal struggles of their kids handling stormy weather at home.

Here’s just a taste of the reaction so far since receiving a copy:

Emily Florez:
‘They opened the book this morning and have read it 3 times already!’

‘Our 3 year old grand nephew loves your book. We gave our copy to him- his 6-year-old brother reads it to him! So darn cute.’

‘This is magnificent! 1 for Morgan and 1 I’m giving to the library at her school.’

Surae is Giving away 1 SIGNED COPY! Go to @lucieandgray on Instagram for details on how to enter.

To purchase a signed copy and postcards or bookmarks go to


    sold separate = $2.50
    sold 5 pack = $10.00
    sold separate = $1.50

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