How to get “Custom Made” during COVID? Support Small Business Saturday.


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(DOUG JESSOP’S UTAH SUCCESS STORIES – ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Welcome to Black Friday. In previous years people would be rushing to local merchants to get special deals and personally pick out the “perfect gift.” Obviously, going out to shop is quite different in most parts of the country with the COVID pandemic.

Online shopping, online meetings, online everything seems to be the order of the day. I get it. Online is easy and definitely falls into the category of “social distancing.” But, for me at least, online is missing something. That something is hands-on personal contact.

Zoom and Facetime are certainly making communication easier. It is kind of crazy to think the Jetsons had it right (you have to be of a certain age to get the reference). But nothing beats being able to hug my grandkids in person.

On that same line of thinking, online is fine for buying commodity items. I don’t need to “squeeze the Charmin” to pick out the perfect roll of toilet paper. To some people, toilet paper might be the perfect gift, but there is something to be said to get someone something special just for them.  

I’m talking “custom made” here. If you’ve watched any of my Jessop’s Journal, Jessop’s Journeys or Utah Success Stories interviews on ABC4 News, you’ve probably noticed that I’m “the guy that wears hats.” Without getting into “TMI” (To Much Information) I also have a very long torso and have a hard time finding shirts and suits that fit right. There is nothing quite like being able to design a hat, shirt and suit to your personal style and perfect fit.

JW Custom Hats and Tailor Cooperative are both helping customers cope with COVID and “go custom.” First off, they both are asking everyone coming to their Salt Lake City stores to embrace their inner bandit and make sure to wear a mask. The other thing that both of these small business owners are doing is offering a scheduled appointment to get personalized attention.

It doesn’t hurt that both of these handcrafted, artisan filled companies are offering once a year discounts for “Small Business Saturday”.

Here is their contact information.

JW CUSTOM HATS – 2354 S Redwood Rd West Valley City, UT 84119. 801-977-0676

TAILOR COOPERATIVE – 333 Pierpont Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. 801-656-6525

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