How to Cook the Perfect Turkey

Todd and Sheri from Duerden’s Appliance and Mattress joined Midday with advice for roasting the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving.
 “We get a lot of questions this time of year about what the best roasting techniques are, and since we are always cooking in our showroom there are a few tips we’ve learned that will help you no matter what your favorite recipe is or what oven you you are using,” explained Sheri. 
Make sure your turkey is completely thawed, rub it with butter or oil and season and then set your oven no lower than 325.
 Use a shallow roasting pan with a rack and add a cup of liquid to the pan for moisture.
You want as much air flow around the bird as possible so it cooks evenly. If your oven has convection mode you’ll want to use that.
You can tent the breast loosely with foil for the first hour and then remove it for browning.
Cook it to the right temperature.    The temperature the FDA recommends is 165 degrees and if it is stuffed make sure the stuffing reads 165 as well.
 If you wait for the pop-up meter in your Turkey to signal the turkey is cooked, Sheri says you’ll be 100% sure your bird is overdone.    The way they work is that glue is holding the spring down.   When the glue melts, at 180 degrees, the red popper springs out.   You never have to worry about getting sick, but you’ll always eat a dry bird.   No amount of brining or basting can save you from this.
Many ovens have temperature cook functions built in.   In the case of the Durden’s bird, they just plugged the thermometer into the oven and into the thickest part of the bird then programmed  the oven to cook at 325 until it hit 165.    If you don’t have an oven with this capability, you can get an instant read thermometer from any grocery store.   They don’t work as well if you leave them in the bird, so open up the oven from time to time to check. Once the turkey is done be sure and let it rest for 20 minutes before carving. 
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