How to build the most efficient team for your business


Are you an entrepreneur? Starting a business it hard enough, but finding the right team or partner to support your vision is even harder. Today on Midday we talked with Cyndi Tetro, President of the Women Tech Council, about finding the best individuals for a high-performance team.

Step 1: Determine what is needed for what you’re trying to build/accomplish

Assess the strengths needed for your team to perform better.

Step 2: Discover what people are naturally good at

Use tests like Strengths Finder to help figure out the strengths of individuals and where to put them in a business so they can excel and accomplish the most good for the organization.

Step 3: Create ways for teams to collaborate and execute

Find ways for your team to work together based on their strengths, then let them initiate projects as a team. 

*For more information on building a team and to use the Strength Finder, click HERE to visit Women Tech Council.

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