UTAH (ABC4) – Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral commenced Monday, marking the final goodbye to England’s longest ruling monarch. 

Here in Utah, her death had experts looking to the United Kingdom’s past and future history with the state. 

As people in England and across the world mourned Queen Elizabeth II’s death, in Utah, a little slice of England honors her memory. 

“A tremendous amount of respect and sadness at the same time but also glad in a way that in a way that she was around for 70 years,” Owner of Moon’s Rare Books Reid Moon said. 

Moon created his shop to look like an English village; a museum of sorts housing a large collection of historic English literature, including unpublished photos, letters and an original coronation program of the late Queen. 

“Queen Elizabeth has solidified her place in world history and will always be remembered,” Moon said. 

Experts said Utah has a long history with the UK and pointed to the country’s history with missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the starting point. 

“Since 1837, before Utah was even a state, I think there’s been a relationship with the UK,” BYU Associate Professor of International Business and Global Supply Chain Simon Greathead said. 

He said our relationship is built on innovation business and even the potential for oil and gas. 

“Of course, if we look at today, we look at technology we look at aerospace,” Greathead said. 

But when it comes to the state’s relationship with the monarchy, experts said the Queen’s legacy is largely one of ambassadorship over political prowess. So, our economic and political partnerships with the UK will not be affected. 

However, the new King may be more vocal about subjects such as business and climate change, which holds international sway. 

“I now question the future and say I do wonder whether Charles is going to take the example of Queen Elizabeth the second in some respects or if he’s going to take the monarchy in a different direction,” Greathead said. 

For now, experts said we just have to wait and see what this new reign will hold.