SALT LAKE COUNTY (ABC4 News) – After the horrible attack in Virginia Beach Friday, ABC4 decided to take a look at how our local public buildings are protected from a similar attack. 

The shooter was a former employee, so he knew his way around the building. Officers responded within two minutes, but it took another 10 minutes and 12 lives to take him down.

Deputy Skyler Talbot with the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office explained, “When these active shooter situations happen, 70% of them are over in five minutes, so a lot of the training and preparation is happening long before it ever starts.”

The sheriff’s office employs 123 deputies to protect 15 buildings and thousands of employees. They are also available to any employer who feels they may need help with a disgruntled soon-to-be-former employee.

But Deputy Talbot says, we also need to prepare individually. He said, “If you see something say something. If you see someone acting strange, if they have things going on in their personal lives that are putting more stress on them, be aware of those people. Keep yourself safe at the moment; if you hear gunfire certainly don’t go to investigate. We want you to try and hide and stay away from that, know your escape routes, know your building, and then fight. You’ve got to be prepared to defend yourself.”


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