According to Darren Hess, assistant GM for Weber Basin Water Conservancy District; “a lot of people don’t understand that when we water we are using 3000 gallons of water. Let’s say that everyone in Weber and Davis County had a smart irrigation controller, that would save enough water to fill up 2000 Olympic size swimming pool.

Utah based, Orbit, has been a leader in conservation through innovation for over 40 years. 
Orbit Executive VP, Mitch Lord stated “We pride ourselves on being a company that provides innovation in everything we do. We make every product that you need to water your yard. We feel an obligation to make that easy and efficient.”

Most people don’t spend that much time thinking about water. That’s certainly not the case at Orbit. 

As we walked the halls of the Orbit offices in North Salt Lake, it was impressive to see the walls covered with their collection of about 175 active patents and trademarks. Kim Hayes, the VP/GM of their professional division called Hydro-Rain, proudly showed us his favorite patent…one with his name on it.

So what exactly is “smart watering?” The Weber Basin Water folks filled us is. “You can use a smart water controller and that takes weather input as well as site condition from your current landscape…whether you’re irrigating turf or shrubs, whether it’s sun or shade, if it’s on a slope…and then it will control your irrigation based on weather it gets from a nearby weather station.”

Orbit’s B-hyve technology is not only really smart at saving lots of water… it let’s you control you water from anywhere.

The Director of B-hyve digital, Brad Wardle, gave us a demonstration about the remote features. “People love their B-hyve for that feature. It’s really simple. Hit your remote button. Select a station or all of them. Put in a duration. Hit the play button and that would automatically start your system. It’s great to use when you are on vacation.

As the leading brand in the entire United States, and selling in over 40 countries worldwide, it’s clear that Orbit is great at “what” they do. The “why” is just as impressive.

“It’s one thing to make products that provide a service. But it even more inspiring and motivational to be part of a company that can dramatically impact how we use water in the world. It’s a passion point for all of us.”

Orbit – Another Utah Success Story.

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