How is the Walking Dead Invading FanX?


SALE LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The Walking Dead Experience is being featured at Fan X this year. The immersive experience is one of many things fans are flocking to the Salt Palace to see.

Fan X is a lot like Salt Lake Lake City Comic Con, but it’s able to expand out past the comic book genre. Celebrities like Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Backstreet Boy Nick Carter are some of the celebrities in attendance.

With The Walking Dead being such a hit show many are expected to take part in the experience. Unlike a haunted house this experience has live zombies, and tasks to solve before moving forward. When it was created in October of 2015 the idea was to make it seem like being in an episode of the show.

Unlike other attractions this one allows for people to be one of the zombies instead of just a person walking through. Lemond Hays has been with the experience since the beginning, and is a zombie trainer. He teaches people how to act like a Walker which is very different from the old zombie genre. He’s been surprised how many people decided to do zombie show instead.

“From the moment you step into the experience it’s like stepping into another world,” said Hays.

Company Manger Ashley Holmes said walkers has been one of the biggest draws to the experience.

“People go absolutely love it they go crazy to be a walker,” said Holmes. “This is a huge phenomenon to me.”

One of the keys to being a good Walker is the makeup. Lintu Holman is the Head Makeup Artist with the experience. She lives in Atlanta where The Walking Dead is filmed, and said it’s had a huge impact on makeup industry.

“People are so fascinated by walkers, they’re like what if ever happened in real life?” said Holman. “Like what would that be like?”

Different tickets allow for different levels of makeup. Holman said the prosthetics they use are the same kind used on the actual show. One of her favorite parts of the job is seeing the looks on people’s faces after they see the transformation. Every time she hears a scream she knows her art had something to do with it.

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