SOUTHERN FLORIDA (ABC4) – Though Hurricane Ian is striking southern Florida head on, residents of the Sunshine State are not the only ones being affected by this Category 4 storm. 

ABC4’s Jillian Smukler spoke to several Utahns either living in or visiting Florida who have been advised to stay put and hunker down, all amid the chaos of thousands without power and flooded homes.

One individual unable to return home due to Ian happens to be ABC4’s Kayla Baggerly, who was faced with a rude awakening when her Orlando vacation took a turn for the worse this week. 

“It sounds like this could be really big. We just have to sit and watch, though,” she said, adding that, “these things are so unpredictable.” 

While Kayla has high hopes that her plane back to Utah will take flight come Friday, Orlando International Airport was forced to stop all flights Wednesday morning, impacting all 40 airlines that service the airport. 

ABC4’s Glen Mills notes that even if your travels don’t anticipate a crossover with Ian, it is possible that you could still see flight delays or cancellations.