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How he serves those who served him: Behind the Badge with Lt. Monty Nay

DUCHESNE, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH) His job is to cover his hometown and an additional 3,200 square miles – an area three times the size of Salt Lake County. Lieutenant Monty Nay works for the Duchesne County Sheriff’s Department. And in this week’s Behind the Badge – we learn more about the law enforcement officer’s desire to serve. 
Lt. Monty Nay says drugs are a big problem in Duchesne County. “Heroin and meth are the big problems out here.”  And investigating drug cases is part of his current duties within the rural Utah sheriff’s department. However, over the past 16 years he has covered just about everything in law enforcement. “K9 was awesome out here cause backup out here can be 45 minutes.” Nay says one of his favorite assignments was being a K9 handler with his partner”Max.” “It is something that you can’t explain. There is a bond there, you know. They need you and hated to see you leave the vehicle. Right there by you the whole time.” 
The 40-year-old lawman also worked as a corrections officer. He’s been a detective. He has worked with the narcotics strike force. And he has served as a student resource officer. Where he felt the love and respect from students. “I had some letters addressed to me from the kids – thanks for being our cop and teach us drills and stuff.”  
Law enforcement is in Nay’s blood – his father was a police officer. But serving and protecting is really his way of giving back. “I had kind of a rough childhood and always wanted to give back to the people who gave to me. I felt through service, law enforcement or EMS I felt like I was doing my duty and fulfilling my obligation.”  
While Nay says being a cop today is not easy. “We are either danged if we do or danged if we don’t. So, there is a stress everyday that you are making the right decisions.” 
That said, Lt. Nay is quick to point out – this is where he belongs – because it is where he can serve and protect. “It’s just helping somebody – in a time of need. Sitting down with them and talking with them. Helping them in their struggle.” “My goal is still to help somebody. I won’t be able to help them all, but I pray I can help somebody out there who wants to change.”  “To me, to be an officer its an honor to don the badge every morning. And to take part in protecting those who need our help.” 
Before he became a deputy – Lieutenant Nay worked as a volunteer Firefighter and with EMS. From there he went to corrections. Then he became a deputy. He is also a father and husband. 
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