How do the effects of marijuana compare to alcohol?


MESQUITE, Nev. (ABC4 News)- Curious tourists pay attention. If you’re 21 or older and traveling to Nevada over the holidays, you might want to try legal recreational marijuana while there.  Police in the Silver State remind you not to use and then get behind the wheel. 

In Mesquite, where there’s a dispensary about 30 minutes from the Utah State line, authorities say the effect is like alcohol, at least as far as driving is concerned.

“Operating the vehicle, watching out for pedestrians, maintaining your lane, watching for stoplights. Just maintaining all the rules of the road requires a lot of processing, and the marijuana, what that does is it impairs your ability to that safely,” said Sgt. Quinn Averett is with the Mesquite Police Department. 

Sgt. Averett says when investigating a driver for marijuana intoxication, they look for many of the same signs that a driver is drunk. He also adds marijuana stays in your system longer.

ABC4 News checked with the Utah Highway Patrol too, they said they use many of the same techniques to bust drivers who are high, that they use for drunk motorists as well.

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