SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD4UTAH) —  A family hiking and hunting for Pokemon characters when the popular game led them to puppies instead.

Now those pups are up for adoptions.  Last Thursday, a mother and her children were hiking at Herriman Canyon when the search brought them to three abandoned puppies.
They were hungry and dehydrated.

Callista Pearson, Salt Lake County Animal Services Spokesperson, “since they weren’t left with any food they were scavenging off of carcasses.”

Salt Lake County Animal Services are not sure know how long they were left on the mountain, but are glad the hikers found them when they did.

Pearson, “because they’re so young and their bodies are not adjusted to the heat they could have perished out there. There are so many other avenues than dumping dogs. We discourage abandoning dogs or any animals, take them to our shelter or humane society.  I’m super thankful there are good Samaritans out there and they captured three rowdy puppies and wait until our officers came to bring them here.”

Inspired by how the dogs have been given a second chance at life they’ve named them after popular Pokemon characters.

Their names: Dialga, Kyurem, Lugia.

The dogs are micro chipped, vaccinated and will soon be neutered. They’re now waiting for their forever home.

Contact the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter at 385-468-7387 if you are interested in adopting them.