How a Provo hearing aid center offers the latest technology and advances with on-site manufacturing


PROVO, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Hearing loss affects all aspects of your life. It changes the way you communicate and interact with family and friends, as well as the world. Being unable to hear is a major frustration not just for you but those around you as well. However, taking the step to get a hearing aid can even be intimidating. It is very important that you have someone you can trust. Someone with whom you feel comfortable and secure.

Harris Hearing has help customers for 58 years understand the latest advances in hearing technology and hearing aid design. There are many products, brands and styles of hearing aids to choose from. The time is taken to get to know you and your specific needs. From a first ear examination to hearing tests and hearing aid fittings the focus is to help you hear your very best. Dedication to this focus goes into the adjustments and retesting in the future with individualized, personal care.

Bluetooth Technology

Hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities have quickly become the best performing technology to offer those with hearing loss. The delivery of speech definition and clarity is the best Harris Hearing has seen by far. Many customer report hearing the best they ever have in years when using Bluetooth hearing aids. Being able to carry on a conversation with background noise present is again a reality.

Additional features include controlling volume, listening programs, muting and un-muting hearing aids all on a smartphone app. Customers have reported having the most fun with these functions while in a meeting, at the movies, in church, etc. and adjusting to the perfect volume. You can answer your phone, listen to audio-books, use your phone as a microphone, and locate you hearing aids with the app. Some Bluetooth systems require an additional pendent piece in order to use, but Harris Hearing offers all this through a true wireless Bluetooth transmission. This plus at a fraction of the cost of local and national competitors because of an onsite lab and manufacturing.

On-Site Hearing & Manufacturing

Harris Hearing Aid Center combines quality of care with attentive service. Over 20 years ago, Robert E. Harris had the foresight to manufacture and repair hearing aids on-site, rather than to work with outside labs through the mail, which most hearing aid companies must do. Since Harris Hearing owns their lab in Provo, Utah, the prices of top line hearing aids and repairs are drastically discounted. Customers receive the same components as big hearing aid brands (on comparable models), and don’t have to pay extra for the brand name. In addition, new hearing aids and repairs are usually ready in less than 48 hours, instead of up to two weeks or more. They are proud to be a hearing aid center in that the Provo community has trusted for quality services to enhance their lives for over 58 years.

For more information about our hearing care services, or custom products or to schedule a free hearing evaluation, call 801-373-6827 or visit

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