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Don Hudson and Police Officers

On the streets.  Investigating. Serving our communities.

Often putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

For four years, ABC4 Utah’s Don Hudson has been shining a well-deserved spotlight on law enforcement officers…showing how, and why, they choose to protect and serve.

If you know an outstanding officer that goes above and beyond the call of duty, tell us here at so that we can share his, or her, inspiring story. Then tune in for our "Behind the Badge” reports Tuesdays at 10:00 on ABC4 Utah.

How a Deputy is Saving Lives On and Off the Job

OGDEN, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH)  Nine to five, Monday through Friday, he is a sheriff’s deputy. But in reality, that’s just one of a handful of his titles and just one of a handful of his jobs. In this week’s ABC4 Behind the Badge report – we get to know Deputy Michael Aschinger
It’s another training day for dispatcher turned deputy Taylor Santoro. And the officer offering some final advice – is eight year law enforcement veteran Michael Aschinger. “Just think about your loved ones and what type of person would you want to show up at your door if they were having a bad day?” Training new recruits is one of his jobs. 
He’s also a patrol deputy. He’s also part of the Weber County Sheriffs Search and Rescue Team. “Mounted rescue on horseback, snowmobile patrols, anything on the water. And then recovery operations for anybody who has gone missing as well.”  Aschinger – who has been with Weber County for two years and worked as a deputy in Iowa for six years – is also an instructor in the department’s suicide prevention efforts – focusing on QPR – ‘question persuade and refer.’  “I use it all the time. I use in my military duties. I use it a the sheriff’s office. I use it in my personal life. And my personal belief is everyone should be trained in it. It is like CPR – CPR is easy, but it is really important. And the same thing with CPR. It’s easy. It takes an hour to learn it and you can save a life a with it.” 
And he should know. You see, Deputy Aschinger is also Adjunct Professor Aschinger. We caught a glimpse of one of his classes online. “I’m Mike Aschinger – welcome to Human Services.” The 35 year old has a Masters Degree in Human Services and Executive Leadership. “We all have different value systems.” And he teaches online classes in business management and psychology for Upper Iowa University. As he likes to say, “Go Peacocks!” “Teaching psychology allows me to continue to stay current. So, as I do my law enforcement duties I’m current with treatment methods and the different ways to approach people who are having different mental health crisis.”     
But wait – there’s more.  He served 10 years in the military. “We experienced a lot of hostility in our first tour.’ And he continues to serve in the reserves. “I like public service. Public service is my baby. To me, its about what can I give back to the community that has given so much to me.” Deputy Aschinger says he has worked in the private sector, but he couldn’t find the satisfaction he gets from serving and protecting. “There is no place where you can make a greater impact in our society than those first responders shoes.” “I think public service just gets in your blood and no other job has appeal because you are not out there trying to make things better.” 
If you would like to learn more about the QPR suicide prevention program – there is a class on April13th at 7PM at the Riverdale Senior Center.  We also have set up links below to the life saving QPR website. Deputy Aschinger says classes on QPR are being made possible because of Live Hannah’s Hope.
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