Homeless man, puppy asleep inside dumpster almost crushed by trash compactor

provo puppy

PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) –A homeless man and his puppy were almost crushed by a trash compactor after falling asleep inside a dumpster on trash day.

Captain Devan Tandy with the Provo City Police Department says just before 5 a.m. they received calls that a 43-year-old homeless man asleep inside a dumpster was almost crushed by the compactor.

The dumpster was near 2100 South 950 East.

Cpt. Tandy says the driver of the dump truck heard the man scream and saw him in his camera. The driver stopped the crushing process before it reached the man and his puppy.

The man sleeping inside the dumpster was transported to the hospital for minor injuries, officials say.

Both he and the dog are okay.

Cpt. Tandy commends the truck driver on the situation. Recognizing what was happening and taking quick action was a “job well done,” Cpt. Tandy says.

The 7-month-old puppy, a Labrador/Pitbull mix,  is being taken to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter where she will be held for five days to be checked out and on hold for the owner. After that, the puppy will be placed for adoption. 


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